Medical Cosmetic Treatments

Wrinkle Relaxant & Soft Tissue Fillers

Performed by a locally trained and qualified medical Doctor.

Wrinkle relaxant: softening of static lines (lines at rest) and dynamic lines (lines on movement) Soft tissue filler: rehydrating, lifting, reshaping and volume.

Common areas of concern: Upper face: forehead, frown, crow’s feet, bunny lines, tear troughs and cheeks Lower face: lips, jowls, smile lines, jaw enhancement and chin.

Price on application by consultation with our Cosmetic Doctor. 

Cosmetic Skin Care for Clients undergoing Fertility Treatments

Total Bliss is Melbourne’s first beauty clinic focusing on the skincare and wellbeing of an individual undergoing fertility treatments.

Founded in 2013, IVF Aesthetics and Wellness is dedicated to clients who are planning or currently undergoing fertility treatments. We are a team of Skin care and Beauty specialists led by a locally trained Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, Dr Louisa Yim.

With a background in General Practice, pregnancy care, women’s health, skin cancer and aesthetic Medicine, Dr Louisa Yim is a very experienced and respected doctor. Over the last six years, she has built a reputable practice based on the holistic and evidence-based model of wellness. She is passionate about holistic aesthetic medicine and in particular, the wellbeing of couples undergoing fertility treatments. Her passion stems from her very own experience with undergoing repetitive cycles of IVF treatments. Her story can be viewed on her website.

According to the most recent data from The Fertility Society of Australia 2013, infertility affects one in six couples in Australia and New Zealand. This means that most of us will come across people who are undergoing fertility treatments.

There is still a lot of stigma in the society, partly due to the lack of awareness and understanding of the processes involved. Unless you have traveled along the same path, often, it is very hard to comprehend how to comfort or console those on this challenging journey. It is a journey that will test the faith of a couple. There will be many hopefuls and many sorrows. Unfortunately, not every opportunity is a success with a joyful ending. Despite this, many of us will continue cycle after cycle in the hope of winning that bundle of joy.

We are committed in providing you with useful up to date information on skincare and general wellbeing during and after your IVF treatment cycles.

We want you to know that you are not, and never will be, alone. We are here to support you.