Why Choose Us?

1 Safety & Hygiene

If you want to feel safe and secure, we are the right salon for you.  Whilst enjoying your treatment with us at Total Bliss, rest assured that we are one of the cleanest and safest in the neighbourhood. All equipment and towels are sanitised and disinfected to the standards specified by the Banyule council.  

For nail treatmetns, single use buffers and filers are provided for you as a take home souvenir.  You are most welcome to bring them back for future pampering sessions.  Did you know that these filers and buffers should be part of your first aid kit at home?  

In order to remove super glue from finger tips, wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water.  Use cotton pad and nail polish remover to remove super glue on finger tips.  The super glue on the finger tips will turn white in colour.  Use your complimentary buffer and filler, to gently buff and file away the super glue.  Rinse your hands thoroughly and this will remove majority of the super glue!

Alcohol sanitisers are displayed throughout the salon for infection control especially during the gastro and flu seasons.

2 Satisfaction

We want you to feel at ease when visiting us at Total Bliss.  Your satisfaction is our priority.  If we haven’t got it right, please let us know so we can improve and make it right for you. Our biggest reward is your personal recommendation.


Not sure if your therapist is overseas trained or qualified?  All our therapists are locally trained and qualified in Beauty Therapy.  We know that you like our staff are up to date with new treatments and products, so we offer them regular continuing professional education e.g. workshops and salon training.  If you have a question, drop in or emails us and tease the masterminds of our friendly beauty therapists. 

4 Premium Quality Products

Confused about the skincare routine?  Not sure what's good for your skin?  We love what we do and we have done the homework for you. We offer the best skin care products based on their evidence based active ingredients NOT by their biggest profit margins.

5 SMS Reminder System & Online Booking

How many times have you forgotten to mark the diary or put it in your phone?  A simple way to remind you of your upcoming appointments, just reply YES or NO to the text message you receive to confirm or cancel your appointment.  Online booking is now available at your convenience.  We will be sending out SMS reminders TWO days prior to your actual date of appointment.  

6 Loyalty Reward Program

What's in it for me?  As a way of saying thank you, a loyalty reward program has been set up for all our customers. It is free to join!  Your loyality card is available for any beauty services, except for medical cosmetic services.  Receive 50% off your 10th treatment.  Don't forget to bring your loyality card at each visit. 

7 eNewsletter

Want to learn more about new updates?  Sign up to our eNewsletter and keep up-to-date with the latest news, announcement and specials in the salon.  Alternatively, find us on Facebook or Instagram to see what is happening in the salon.

8 Privacy & Confidentiality

Are the information you store, safe?  Client forms are essential for identification. In order to protect our clients from possible skin reactions, we appreciate your time in filling out the health questionnaire. Your privacy is respected and all the information will be stored in a secure digital form. All papers are shredded according to industry standards. NO information will be passed onto third parties.

9 Community Support

From time to time, we donate skincare products to local preschools, charity events and communities for silent auction.  This is our way of saying thank you and giving something back to the community.