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Harmonized Water - Placebo or Magic Water?

What is "Harmonized Water"?

Harmonized water is a combination of waters that contain different vibrational frequencies. Unlike structured water, which addresses the tendency of water molecules to cluster together, harmonized water describes the frequencies the water carries in its proton / electron outer shell.  Water has the ability to carry "frequency messages" for extended periods of time and we have found that some of these messages harmonize internal imbalances in our body.

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I have put my mum on the Harmonized Water for Joint health for over a month now, she didn't think much about it initially. When she ran out and called me up one night and said, "My knees are hurting again, can you get me some of this magic water?"

As a medical doctor, I am a bit doubtful of its scientific based evidence. My mum mentioned that she no longer have to take panadol osteo for her arthritis. Seeing how it has offered much relief of pain for my mum, who is now helping me with a very active ten month old daughter, I will no doubt continue to support her with the Harmonized Water.

Placebo effect or magic water? I am getting one for mum and one for dad, so they don't have to share anymore.

- Louisa