Specialised Treatments

Want clearer and brighter skin?

Collagen induction, skin needling & scar reduction (Dermapen)

Price updated from March 2022

This is one of our top performer as it is a results-driven advanced skin needling system.  This allows deeper penetration and more even distribution of active serums and hydro peptides.  Ideal for evening skin tone, pigmentation, antiaging and promoting collagen production.  Rejuvenating and revitalising.

This aids in improving fine lines, skin texture, acne or surgical scars. A series of 5 treatments is recommended approximately 6-8 weeks apart. 

Treatment includes: Double cleanse, Exfoliation, Skin Prep, LED light therapy, Serum with Skin Needling, Uber Peel, Hydrating Mask, Aftercare.  $25 Add on other A4 Size Areas.

Dermapen 4 Advanced Treatment
Purchase series of 3 x Dermapen treatment upfront for $810


Clinical Skin Clear

Prices updated March 2022

Uses thermal energy to remove surface imperfections. Ideal for skin tags, facial milia, single capillary and blood blisters (superficial angiomas). This is also a non-surgical option for benign freckles and moles. For moles, we require a clearance letter from your doctor.
Depending on the depth of pigment and the size of imperfections, generally a course of 3-5 treatments is required between 1-2 weeks. Individual outcomes may vary. 

Express Treatment
Full Face

Please advise us the number of spots to be treated so we can allocate enough time for you. Please note that the area may appear darker before the results take place. Do not pick the scabbed area and allow natural healing to take place. 

Bio light LED Phototherapy

Prices updated March 2022

Turn back your skin’s age. Bio Light LED photography is non-invasive light therapy taking the world by storm. This is a perfect treatment for teenage acne as it is non invasive and gentle. A series of treatments is recommended. Max can be added to your facial treatment from 5 minutes for $15.00. 

Once you meet Bio Light it's written all over your face. 

10 mins add on