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How to maintain naturally glowing skin?

How to maintain naturally glowing skin


There are skin care products, and there are skin care solutions.  The simple answer to maintain naturally glowing skin has to come from within. 


We are what we eat.  Our skin is clear reflection of what we put into and onto our bodies.  Quite frankly, no matter how much we put expensive and luxurious liquid gold on our skin, if we don’t look after our health and continue with bad habits, these skin care solutions can be a waste of our hard earn money and time.


Have you heard of a simple DNA test that will help you to determine how your skin may age genetically?  Skin DNA.  Skin DNA is a simple swab test that takes the guessing out of the equation.  A simple mouth swab will provide you with essential information on the best skin care solution and regime.


This little device is where science meets beauty.  A comprehensive counseling is included to discuss five major target areas to promote naturally glowing skin, slowing down the aging process.  The 5 points of discussion include: Firmness & Laxity, Wrinkling & Glycation, Pigmentation, Antioxidant Protection, Sensitivity & Irritation.


Firmness and laxity refers to the collagen levels and your ability to counteract the breakdown process.  Wrinkling & Glycation looks into your ability to efficiently metabolize glucose in the body.  Pigmentation refers to your chance of irregular pigmentation and burning.  Antioxidant protection checks your risk of sensitivity to environmental pollutants.  Lastly, sensitivity & irritation refers to the production of inflammatory proteins in your skin, leading to rash, redness or irritations.


Upon completion of the test and a simple health questionnaire, the test will be posted to a private laboratory in Sydney.  The comprehensive ten-page report will be available within four working weeks. 

We are committed in helping people to maintain naturally glowing skin.  Come and discuss your skin care concerns.  Our trained beauty therapists will counsel you with simple and effective skin care solutions.


Grow graciously and glow gorgeously with Total Bliss ®.


Skin DNA Package: $299 (GST inclusive)

(Includes skin analysis, reporting, 20% of skin care products at review in 4 weeks time)

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