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Stretch marks, insomnia and baby brain

Here I am sitting at 37+ weeks pregnant. In the last 37 weeks, I thought I was blessed with good genes with no visible stretch marks, well, how wrong was I? I have been applying Vitamin C and Vitamin E serums religiously day and night. May be that have delayed the appearance of the unsightly red stretch marks? Of course, you can only stretch the collagen fibres to a certain degree before they snap and leave you with nice pinky red streaks. 

So, I have done some research and found out some of the early treatments for pregnancy related stretch marks.  There is nothing that will guarantee 100% success.  We all know that the best time of treatment is when these stretch marks are still pink/red in colour.  Once they fade and turn into white, silvery colour, it is too late.  

  1. Prevention is always the best.  So, trying not to gain too much weight during pregnancy will be a good start.  The recommended weight gain per pregnancy is between 10-15 kg, depending on your pre-existing body mass index.
  2. Vitamin A - The only safest form that can be used in small amounts (twice a day) in pregnancy is Retinaldehyde (e.g. Osmosis MD range).  All other forms such as retinol, retinyl or retinoic acid are strictly contraindicated in pregnancy due to its toxcity.  
  3. Hyalouronic acid - hydrator and filler.  Great for everyday use even when not pregnant.
  4. Onion extract - this one is tricky, I don't know how much onion juice I can tolerate 
  5. Vitamin C & E to promote new collagen synthesis.

The products I have been using for stretch marks (twice a day) are: 

Stem Factor (Osmosis MD) 

Renew (Osmosis MD) 

CE Tetra (Medik8) 

Pretox Filler (Medik8)

For the face: 

Pore cleansing gel facial cleanser (Medik8) - also using it as a shampoo as for scalp acne (acne under control within 48 hrs after use)

Pretox eye lift and Infinit8 (Medik8) - the only option for wrinkle reduction in pregnancy!

Rebalancing hydrator (OCosmedics) - less oily as I was getting hormonal acne on forehead and scalp

Tinted Mineral pro SPF (OCosmedics)

As for Insomnia: It so happens that I suffer from hayfever.  There is only one pharmacy prescription hay fever tablet that I can take during pregnancy.  The side effect happens to be drowsiness.  So I have been taking it sparingly at night time.  The only trouble is, I get so tired, often snored so loudly that I woke myself up.  sad

Well,  not long to go now, couple of weeks to go.  Hopefully, the baby brain will get better soon.  


Louisa xxx